Charlotte Middleton

Charlotte Middleton
Scarborough, UK / Graphic Designer with a passion for hand crafted typography and illustration!
Charlotte Middleton
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"City of the Future" Illustrations for Prelios on the Behance Network in Diagram

City of the Future - Illustration, Adv, Campaign Material for Prelios commissioned by Interbrand in 2012

#Design - Sebas and Clim

This logo allows the audience to fill in the lines to figure out what it says. The different colors and shapes reflect how life is unpredictable because there's no organized sequence to the shapes or colors. CROPPING, FIGURE AND GROUND

The font is extremely visually interesting with the bright, overlayed colors

Do you need to design a professional brochure? I can design an attractive print ready brochure within 24

Makaton branding by MultiAdaptor, London

The Makaton language programme combines speech and signing as one, to help people with learning or speaking difficulties.