Art Sketchbook with observational drawings of shells - developing ideas from natural

Sea Shell Journal with watercolor sketches. Start with favorite shells that you have already collected and then take it on future trips to the beach for doodling and painting potential.

Sooo exciting: Composition development - painting of shells

Composition development by Amiria Gale - painting of shells- This could be a COOL way to incorporate a textural element into an abstract artwork- use the crinkled tissue with pastel rubbed across the top for the shell- watercolor for the abstract lines

Four steps in a painting by New Zealand artist Amiria Gale

object inspired surrealism: Step-by-step shell painting (link includes multiple 'how to teach art concepts' ideas)

charcoal drawings of shells - gcse art sketchbook

International GCSE Art Sketchbook Examples

The bottom left image is an acrylic painting of a shell, with details and additional rendering added with black pen. Masking tape has been used to keep sharp edges in this GCSE Art sketchbook layout.

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