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Cute.  Fun way to 'frame' lots of photos at once using a recycled frame.

Display many photos with an old frame, wire, and clothespins. PERFECT use for the huge frame I just took apart for the girls hair bow holder! (instead use coloring for clothespins and frame! Glitta it up)

hoodie to laptop bag :)  waaaaaat?!

Hoodie Laptop Bag - If you've ever been caught out in the wild without a laptop case, did you know that you can create a DIY sweatshirt computer sleeve just by fo.


"kusudama paper flowers" The rag and bone has made these kusudama flowers from old book pages ? and points us to some tutorials for making our own. [folding trees Kusudama flowers and

Homemade scratch off paint - Fun! :)

Scratch off paint recipe! This is also a good idea for you people with The Kids out there: it's a scratch-off chore chart. I just want to cover everything in scratch-off.

cupcake baked inside a real egg shell

My kids would end up eating shells! Easter egg cupcakes: Cake baked in REAL egg shells that you peel away to eat! Imagine your kid's face when they peel what LOOKS like a hard boiled egg and find CAKE?

pom poms

birthday hat topper DIY Tutorial: Mini Twine Pom Poms Could be used in a variety of ways: cake or cupcake bunting, decorative garlands or gift wrapping