Embroidery art often seeks to mimic nature, but Australian visual artist Meredith Woolnough has a special technique we've never seen before. By using water-soluble fabric, her beautiful embroidery, which is inspired by nature's most graceful forms, gains a new dimension of lightness and delicacy.

Artist Uses Home Sewing Machine To Capture Nature’s Most Delicate Forms With Embroidery

Australian visual artist Meredith Woolnough creates elegant embroidered sculptures that capture the delicate beauty of nature in knotted threads. Through a delicate system of tiny stitches she creates.

Julie Dodd paintings inspired by microscopic images of tree cross sections.

Julie Dodd, environmental artist, installation artist, printmaker and bookmaker

andy gilmore. not a quilt - but could be a very spectacular one.

Tendances : Pattern People is a surface print studio based in Portland, Oregon. Here, Jessie and Claudia, along with some amazing contributing artists, create artwork for apparel and interior companies.


textile artist photography and mixed media - Carolyn Saxby Textile Art St Ives Cornwall

Petri Dish Painting - Klari Reis

Petri Dish Paintings by Klari Reis

Petri Dish Paintings: Klari Reis 04 Brightly colored powders, oils, acrylics, and industrial dyes

Karen Margolis - 4 layers of abaca paper (holes made with soldering iron) More

karen margolis - 4 layers of abaca paper. holes made with soldering iron. (VI Fit Network) (VI Fit Network) (VI Fit Network) (LilDuckieArts) (LilDuckieArts) lee lange arts advisory we're fabulous visual curators.

This cotton and rayon furnishing fabric called ‘Avis’ was designed by Marion Dorn (1896-1964) for Edinburgh Weavers about 1939. The pattern is made up of tesselating birds in flight.

Furnishing fabric 1939 Machine-woven cotton, rayon and spun rayon Marion Dorn / Edinburgh Weavers Carlisle, England


Anna /ah-nuh/: student and breakfast taco whisperer. a former cupronickel coin of Pakistan,.