Daisy England

Daisy England

Year 7 Amelia~Grace~Molly~Evia~ Paige~Daisy A xxxxxx
Daisy England
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Not gonna risk it. I need all the red bananas i can get lmao


Not gonna risk it😂 We all know what happened last time someone ignored Madame Zeroni.

you don't have to repost this guys

My friend sent me this and she is a mix of both but more like a real friend than a fake friend she is my bff and I have know her all my life.

So cute! The last part is weird and interesting but the rest is cute!

Made me smile:) --don't believe this tripe but since I've had bad relationship luck for the past 15 WTH!

This is sad and sweet

I love my mom so much!>> I hate things that say your mom is gonna die if you don't repost this so I'm posting this because I liked the rest of the post. I love my Mom!

i really hope this happens. I dont think it will but hey, a girl can hope

God, I love you and I really need you. I believe in you and love you and I apologize for everything bad I've done in my life. I hope you can forgive me. God, I love and I really need you