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Stay at Daisy Lodge and there is always something fantastic to do on Avon Park or in Stratford upon Avon
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COFFEE CLOUDS, Stratford-upon-Avon - Updated 2024 Restaurant Reviews & Photos - Tripadvisor
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Daisy Lodge | Holiday Lodge Stratford Upon Avon
Why not bring the family to Daisy Lodge for a weekend this September and catch this wonderful introduction to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A hilarious story of heartbreak, hoaxes and hidden identities. The RSC First Encounters give 7-13 year olds a fantastic first experience of Shakespeare and are also brilliant introductions for anyone new to his work. Using edited versions of the original language, they bring his texts to life on stage in just 90 minutes. #fridayfun #thersc #shakespeare
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Opening tonight in Stratford upon Avon
Opening tonight at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Looking forward to seeing this new production of A Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. - Leontes rips his family apart with his jealousy but grief opens his heart. Will he find the child he abandoned before it is too late?
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Pericles - don't miss it
Thursday thoughts - how about a trip to Stratford to watch this amazing play? Pericles, a tale of love, loss and redemption. This RSC production opens in August but you need to book early. Fantastic restaurants, peaceful lodge, just love Stratford upon Avon #thersc #lovestratforduponavon #weekendaway
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Daisy Lodge | Holiday Lodge Stratford Upon Avon
Miles Jupp! Brilliant comedian now appearing in his first Shakespeare play with the RSC! Opens 25th April to 3rd October - tickets will go so fast so book Daisy Lodge now for your short break or holiday, grab your tickets and see a comedy starring a great comedian. #Saturdaymotivation #MilesJupp #theRSC
Stratford on Avon Literary Festival - stay at Daisy Lodge and soak up the words. Cottages, Avon Park, Literary, Holiday Cottage, Events, Spring Festival, Holiday Accommodation
Daisy Lodge | Holiday Lodge Stratford Upon Avon
Stratford on Avon Literary Festival - stay at Daisy Lodge and soak up the words.