I like the fireplace and the storage for the firewood.  But I live in South Carolina, so I'm thinking of how to adapt the hearth to our climate here.  Perhaps a split mini heat pump that we can all sit around as it blasts out cold air?

Woodstoves: Keeping You Warm as Leaves and Temperatures Fall-really enjoying the log storage, the floor plan I have in mind has just the space for that while outside storage can sit just on the other side of the wall

We have an electric fireplace that looks just like this. Would love to get a fake pipe to complete it.

'Slapen in het Bos' (Dutch for 'sleeping in the forest') is a friendly guesthouse owned by Michel and Mariëlle Essenstam, they bought the former forester's

I want to live in this space

Must have: Built-in's and floor level fireplace. Create a country cottage. Built in bookshelves. (and the beams on the ceiling too)