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Tits and Garden Birds - Mark Hancox Bird Photography

Blue Tit: these birds are often found in England and are therefore good bird to build a house for. Yet the Eurasian blue tit prefers insects and spiders for its diet. This therefore makes them harder to feed and return to the bird box.

A2 Textiles

using different coloured threads and beads to create a textured effect, this could be used to make the texture of leaves, petals or the wings of a butterfly

PRINT Beetle Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed by flyingshoes

Beetle Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - flying shoes art studio. This image inspired me through the use of various materials such as paints and pen. The beetles also go with my theme of insects.

All it really needs is a boost of sugar for it to recover and fly off.

This trick could help you save a bumble bee

This simple trick could help you to save an endangered bumble bee - Good Housekeeping