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Check out my geometry

Check out my geometry

8 Geometric Notebooks by Pawling #notebook #geometric #pattern #etsy #pawling

Pawling Print is stoking my love for chipboard with their oh so chic, modern, mini geometric patterned notebooks. Love the beautiful patterns and the black ink on chipboard! The notebooks are x and feature recycled chipboard covers.

Wooden Triangles Geometric Puzzle

This laser cut triangles jig saw puzzle is made from sustainably harvested, solar-kiln dried, and locally grown Oak. This moderate difficulty

watercolor tattoos - I love the watercolor aspect of the tattoo, but I might change the rest of the design

Watercoloring collected Origami bird tattoo on arm for girl in Fancy Tattoos. And Origami bird tattoo on arm for girl is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 390 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about for girls.

Simple and abstract watercolor tattoo. this is sooooo fuckkinnnnn awesomeeeeee!!

REALLY interesting idea for a tattoo! Colorful, on the shoulder/back. Faded colors, no outline, very soft. Not like anything I've ever seen before. Looks like the rainbow a prism makes when the sun hits it, only pastel ink tattoo