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GrayPants Drum Ceiling Lights - 18", 24", 36" Handmade from recycled cardboard boxes

GrayPants Drum Ceiling Lights - 18 24 36 Handmade from recycled cardboard boxes

Floating Box Corrugated Cardboard by LetoLab on Etsy

As we know, plastic and other waste really is a big problem for our environment – not everyone is as concerned with recycling as they should be, and the result of that is pretty damaging to our earth and animal… Continue Reading →

Container coffee table made of 100% three dimensional corrugated cardboard, it is the result of artisanal assembly 120 cardboard profiles. It is designed for the food

Container coffee table made of three dimensional corrugated cardboard, it…

cardboard shelving for bar/shop LOW in Lisbon, Portugal. designed by Pedro Campos Costa http://www.camposcosta.com/

Portuguese designer Pedro Campos Costa deigned the LOW, a combination of store (selling recycled products) & a bar. No glue at all. post: Beautiful examples of cardboard architecture.