Artist Juan Gris

José Victoriano González-Pérez (1887 – 1927), better known as Juan Gris, was a Spanish painter and sculptor born in Madrid who lived and worked in France most of his life. Closely connected to the innovative artistic genre Cubism, his works are among the movement's most distinctive.
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Juan Gris (1887–1927) - Still Life with a Guitar, 1913

Still Life with a Guitar Juan Gris (Spanish, Date: 1913 Medium: Oil on canvas

Cubismo - Juan Gris: Guitarra y mandolina, 1919, Galerie Beyeler, Basilea.

Still life with fruit bowl and mandolin, 1919 by Juan Gris. still life.

Juan Gris. Still Life with Open Window. 1915

"Still Life before an Open Window, Place Ravignan" by Juan Gris. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Portrait of Germaine Raynal, by Juan Gris (1912)  Art Experience NYC

The Athenaeum - Portrait of Madame Germaine Raynal (Juan Gris - )

Still Life by Juan Gris

Dead Nature Date: Juan Gris was the Third Musketeer of Cubism, and actually pushed Cubism further to its logical conclusion until his ultimely death in 1927 at the age of

Juan Gris, Paesaggio con case a Ceret - Landscape with Houses at Ceret, 1913

Juan Gris "Landscape with Houses at Ceret", 1913 (Spain, Synthetic Cubism, cent.

Juan Gris - Pierrot, 1919

Pierrot 1919 By Juan Gris - Oil Paintings & Art Reproductions - Reproduction Gallery

"Glasses, Newspaper and Bottle of Wine".....Artist: Juan Gris Style: Synthetic Cubism Genre: still life.

"Glasses, Newspaper and Bottle of Wine".Artist: Juan Gris Style: Synthetic Cubism Genre: still life.

Guitar, Bottle and Glass - Juan Gris

"Guitar, Bottle and Glass".Artist: Juan Gris Completion Date: 1914 Style: Synthetic Cubism Genre: still life Technique: crayon, gouache Material: canvas Gallery: Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA.

Portrait of the Artist s Mother - Juan Gris

beenaround-ordinaryperson: “ cubism-art: “ Portrait of the Artist s Mother via Juan Gris Size: cm Medium: oil, canvas” (The Met) ” ”

Juan Gris, Three Lamps, 1910-11

juan gris three lamps oil paintings & juan gris three lamps paintings for sale