Embroidery Art Accents Photographs And Magazine Pages

For the love of floral. Embroidery by Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy. - *Dressed Take this coupon and travels to the José Ignacio, Uruguay.


Illusory Response, Photographs by Laura Plageman

In her newest photo series Response, Laura Plageman focuses on the materiality of the photographic print. Visiting popular scenic destinations along the California coast, Plageman took photos of re.


Destruction/Creation: When Ink and Double Exposure Photography Digitally Collide

Alberto Seveso and South African artist Chris Slabber has created a spectacular new series called Destruction/Creation, which features images of gorgeous “sculptures” formed from paint swirling in water. [Via My Modern Met]


This is a completely bizarre photography project/experiment. Student artists Luke Evans and Joshua Lake swallowed single frames of film, 'folding each

XChange by Nick Gentry - Obsolete disks and discarded negatives make for startling portraits at Robert Fontaine Gallery

XChange by Nick Gentry

By: Nick Gentry Nick is known for recycling obsolete media in his art, but we'd like to know where he was able to find all those computer disks.

“Timestack” Landscape Photographs Create Incredible Skies

Burning Cotton Candy Flying Through the Sky © Matt Molloy photos merged into one image. I made this from a sunset timelapse I shot in August of


After discovering a batch of negatives that had been left in a thin layer of chemicals for months, Rohn Meijer decided, why not develop them? To his surprise, the damaged negatives produced stunning images with fascinating coloration.


Kamolpan Chotvichai’s Shredded Self-Portraits Produce The Illusion Of Glitchy Dissolution

19th Century Technique Used To Develop Images Of The Desert On Tin Cans

Conversations with History : Photographer David Emitt Adams Creates Tintype Photos Using Rusty Old Cans

Analogue Daydream by Nick Gentry

Obsolete Media Artworks by Nick Gentry Nick Gentry is a British artist that uses obsolete media to explore themes like consumerism, technology, identity and cyberculture in society.

These Tapestries Are Actually Photos Taken On Woven Film

Smetana Concert Hall, Prague (Textus by Seung Hoon Park - Susan Spiritus Gallery