What Can We Learn From Selfies? A selfie is a certain type of self-portrait photography shot with a digital camera or smartphone. Selfies are typically

logo brilliance

Smart way of fusing an icon with the type inside a the "i" and "l" form the top half of a pencil. yet effective - designed by Reghardt Grobbelaar. ONE small triangle, reinforces the idea of the 'pencil' by making to 'L' and 'I' look like a pencil

Fantasy Shoes

Funny pictures about Creative high heel designs. Oh, and cool pics about Creative high heel designs. Also, Creative high heel designs photos.

Me gusta!

Word as Image - Ji Lee offers us a unique look at words, his rule - use only the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside parts.

Water Solutions logo  by Dac Austin

Water Solutions logo by Dac Austin - logo - logo design - branding - logo mark

El gran circo del diseño gráfico

El circo del diseño

El gran circo Poster Translation: "The great circus of Graphic Design presents: businessmen who know about typefaces, fairless printers involved in editorial design, the well-know son of the neighbor designing logos FOR FREE, and much more.

Branded Objects in White

Branded Objects in White

Brand Spirit by Andrew Miller — branded objects painted white. see how many you can recognize .


Branded Objects in White

Every day for 100 days, Andrew Miller will paint one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form.

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