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Juxtapoz Magazine - An Update with Brian Donnelly

bbbriandonnelly: September 1967 oil turpentine hand sanitizer canvas 24 x 24 2014 Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnellly

bbbriandonnelly: “ Crop oil, turpentine, hand sanitizer, canvas x 2014 Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly is an artist who in his solvent paintings allows painstakingly rendered portraits to be corrupted by exposure to fairly commo...

SPOTLIGHT: Illustrations by Brian Donnelly Here is some new, striking work from Toronto-based artist Brian Donnelly (best known as KAWS). Donnelly’s work acts to settle his own selfish whims, while.

Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly


bbbriandonnelly: “ Where The Roots All Twist oil, turpentine, hand sanitizer, canvas x 2016 Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly Solvent Portrait Paintings – if it's hip, it's here

A look at the unusual Brian Donnelly solvent portrait paintings wherein the artist uses turpentine and hand sanitizer to create melting faces.