Matchbox Books

Matchbox Books, from matchboox.

Reading a book. The photographer said: I do this in a lot of the books I read. Kinda give me a visual of what I read.

Farewell letter from

Elephant Design Hard Case Cover Skin for iphone Hey Zoe.

Artist Books | Merrill Shatzman

Artist Book by Merrill Shatzman

Artist Books | Merrill Shatzman

Great for mural/printmaking and photo sequencing. Effy: This is a very full pages square book, however, it dosen't feel too much because of the strong colour constacting bewteen background and the topic.

embossed technique to print text without using ink

Art meets design: Irma Boom designed a blind embossed book

Irma Boom for Chanel No.




USA-based graphic designer and book artist Kevin Steele has created The Movable Book of Letterforms, a delightful book that will teach you all.

typography book

Typography 1 Book by Edna Pei-Yu Lee, via Behance

using cardboard letters to create an embossed effect

using cardboard letters to create an embossed effect

mini book

Biography in Books by Irma Boom This miniature book contains a complete overview of Irma Boom’s oeuvre, with commentary and more than 450 full colour illustrations in 704 pages with printed edges.