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Steampunk Cheetah by Andrew Chase

Robotic Steampunk Cheetah Recycled automobile and plumbing parts. By Andrew Chase of Salt lake City, UT.

Andrew Chases Mechanical Sculpture Safari

The Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah is so awesome that even ordinary folks who are not fans of Steampunk art will appreciate it. Designed by Andrew Chase, thi

Designed and created by the amazing Andrew Chase, this steampunk cheetah is 24 inches tall and 50 inches long, from nose to tail. It weighs just 40 pounds and is able to move just like a real-life cheetah.

Steampunk Cheetahs - This mechanical steampunk masterpiece by Andrew Chase is a fairly accurate replica of a cheetah. The cheetah weighs a total of 40 pounds and is mad.