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Daniel Aspinall

Daniel Aspinall
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Designed and created by the amazing Andrew Chase, this steampunk cheetah is 24 inches tall and 50 inches long, from nose to tail. It weighs just 40 pounds and is able to move just like a real-life cheetah.

Steampunk Cheetahs - This mechanical steampunk masterpiece by Andrew Chase is a fairly accurate replica of a cheetah. The cheetah weighs a total of 40 pounds and is mad.

Sculpture of Tyrannosaurus Rex, artist Andrew Chase

TransmissionRex A really rather nifty six feet long, two feet high fully articulated Tyrannosaurus Rex made from transmission parts, plumbing pipe and other scrap metal bits and pieces by artist Andrew Chase.


Andrew Chase doubles up as a sculptor and a photographer with his steampunk sculptures -- an impressive collection of animal-inspired artworks made from reclaimed steel sheets, car parts, industrial equipment, and more.