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a child's drawing of a woman wearing a blue dress and a yellow hat
a drawing of a woman and her dog in front of a bar with flowers on the wall
a painting of a cat in a kitchen with yellow walls and orange striped wallpaper
Donatella's kitchen
a paper doll hanging from the ceiling
a paper doll hanging from a string on a wall with a flower in it's hand
an ornament shaped like a koala wearing a red dress
some paper bags with hearts and bows on them
a drawing of a woman carrying a baby in her arms and an umbrella over her head
"Parents", a new project - Daniela Tordi (
a woman and child walking together with the title parents
A new project - Daniela Tordi (http://77ruedescoquillages.blogspot,com)
an image of two children playing with flowers
Flower Angel
a drawing of a girl holding a basket in front of a mirror with a cat
Ma Maison
a painting of two people in the water with flowers on them and one man holding a baby
Father and Son
a painting of a woman holding a baby in her lap with the words, mother and son on it
Counry family
a drawing of a woman holding a baby in her arms with flowers and leaves around her
Mother & Son