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Futuristic Dice.

If the crew can't be happy playing with these, they are not allowed to come aboard the Persephone.

There's a growing desire for immersion in all aspects of gaming. Things like this are a cool, but logical, step in the direction toward making every element of the game tie back into the overall theme. Plus, cool dice!

printed Steampunk Style dice by MechanicalOddities on etsy


These dice are six sided dice made out of hi-impact plastic, shaped with a bony edge, and colored aged bone white. They are numbered 1 to 6 with traditional dice pips (spots). Each pip is etched into the surface of the dice.

Space Roller Futuristic Dice

LINK STUDIO LLC is raising funds for Space Roller: The futuristic dice for your Sci-Fi games on Kickstarter! The perfect dice that cultivates your mood for futuristic RPG games like Dreadball, Star Trek or just simply roll it for fun!

A trio of English nineteenth-century sailors' scrimshaw gambling dice, made from sperm-whale tooth and decorated with such designs as hearts, clubs, spades, crowns, anchors, a compass rose and pseudo-armorials. (Finch & Co)

Unusual set of three scrimshaw gambling dice ~ Carved from a sperm whale tooth (approx. square), with designs inlaid with pitch & red wax early;

Ludo was originally an Indian game. It was introduced into Britain c. 1880. Reading was also popular in the 19th century.

Ludo was our family's forever game, at home, on holiday, in the caravan when it rained!

Vintage Sewing Pattern Play Cube with 5 Board Games Ludo Chess Backgammon Snakes and Ladders Solitaire by PDF for Immediate Digital Download

Vintage Sewing Pattern Play Cube with 5 Board Games Ludo Chess Backgammon Snakes…