1964 British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2

BAC was a cancelled Cold War strike and reconnaissance aircraft developed by the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) for the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the late and early

English Electric P.10 hypersonic ramjet powered strategic reconnaissance…

English Electric hypersonic ramjet powered strategic reconnaissance aircraft that was cited for delivery to RAF Bomber Command by This is a real drawing board design dating from 1956 to ORI and was designed to operate at altitudes in excess of

The M.39B Libellula was a Second World War tandem wing experimental aircraft…

25 Bizarre Aircraft That Don't Look Like They Should Fly

Libellula, a tandem-winged and twin-engined British experimental plane which gives the pilot an excellent view for landing on aircraft carriers ~ BFD

Succour At Hand by Michael Turner - Avro Anson Mk1 of 278Sqn RAF Feb 1943 - May 1944

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Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR2 (801) Looks like a Nimrod!

Hawker Siddeley Nimrod - maritime patrol aircraft developed and operated by the UK

Blackburn Firebrand WRG-0021176

The Blackburn Firebrand was a single-engine fighter aircraft designed to Air Ministry Specification by Blackburn Aircraft. It was built around the Napier Sabre III engine as a single-seat fleet fighter for the Royal Navy.

Vickers Varsity

TOUCH cette image: On this day in AViation 17 July 1949 by Francois Vebr

Black Horse Westland Wyvern

The Westland Wyvern had contra-rotating props which gave it a very distinctive throaty whine.

Handley Page, Victor, XM715, HP.123, bomber, tanker, aircraft, Royal Air Force, landing

Handley Page, Victor, XM715, HP.123, bomber, tanker, aircraft, Royal Air Force, landing