Number bonds to 10 - using a coat hanger & pegs as a visual aid & practical support (",)

This is a visual aid teaching number bonds up to Using a coat hanger & clothespins as a visual aid & practical support. Easy for students to visualize.

Addition Math Facts Game: Make Ten with Sticky Notes

Math Facts Game: Make Ten with Sticky Notes

Practice math facts for addition to 10 with this Sticky Notes Math Fact Game. Easy to prepare and lots of fun! Everyone loves sticky notes!

Number bonds to ten using plastic Easter Eggs - Adventures of Adam and Twinkl

Here are five ways to use plastic Easter Eggs in mathematics both at home and in the classroom.

Making 10! great idea! First Grade Smiles Done as partners ~ Each student had ten cubes of one color and a blank copy of the chart. As a class, traded one color cube with our partner and colored in our chart to match. Fantastic to reach all learners: oral, visual, kinethetic, tactile.

Anchor chart: Great visual for making ten/composing/decomposing numbers visible to primary students.