Interesting use of line and mark making to create a 3D effect

My Idea for This. Have Each child fill in a square with slanted their choice.then put all together for hallway quilt. :) dm-------Erin-you could do this in color

Badass Creativity // Homemade mark making tools ready for a Skills Workshop by ArtPad Studio… Mehr

Mark making tool made from champaign cap.

Mark making tool made from champaign cap. Now I'm going to HAVE to have a champagne occasion!

Mark making by charlotte davis

Mark making by charlotte davis - masking tape areas then peel back after mark…

mark making

This is an example of mark making. The zig-zag pattern looks like it has been made of by a stamp.

Mark Making  Artist is very controlled and instead of having a mean to the drawing it seems like it was to explore different type of mark and how it can feel depending on the technique

Mark making ovals - This is not my life forever unknown artist i have done someting similar but woul like to try different patterns likethis

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