wonderwall - oasis. will always remind me of the times spent driving around Tempe singing this song at the top of my lungs with one of my very bestest friends of all time...and to this day him and i still text each other every time the song comes on the stereo.  Even distance can't keep us apart. #truefriendship

wonderwall - oasis song lyrics, songs, music quotes, song quotes, music lyrics- "i still miss my mom every single day- be patient in the traffic plse"

My mad fat diary

Nico Mirallegro as Finn in My Mad Fat Diary this is my faaaaavourite ever program makes me laugh, cry, scream and rejoice. I highly reccomend it !

MMFD My Mad Fat Diary S2 Finn Nelson

Nico Mirallegro - Finn Nelson - My Mad Fat Diary - Series Photo Shoot

I like a watching drama. Especially, i love england dramas like MMFD, Misfits, Skins etc...

My mad mat diary is actually da best show ever iDGAF

MY MAD FAT DIARY! Oh my god I can't wait for this too start!!! Like my favourite show ever a part from MisFits, love that show too much!

MMFD Season 2 Started a while back and I'm catching up on it now.

rae // my mad fat diary

Rae MMFD (gif) "I look like a cross between a profiterole and a prolapsed colon!