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Lily Tattoo 2 by meripihka.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Lily tattoo that I& considering? I am thinking only about two inches or smaller if possible and on the top of my foot? Only one of the flower lilies.

This challenge looks like a good mix of sit ups, crunches and squats. Although squats at home will never work as well as weighted squats, they're certainly better than nothing. Focus on technique with all of the exercises, rather than rushing the set, to really feel the burn. Print off the challenge; stick on a wall and cross them off each day to keep motivated. It will look so satisfying once completed!

30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge - Tone up your abs, thighs, and butt with this 30 day fitness challenge that will boost your overall fitness and give you some serious results.

Sexy Rose Side Tattoo | Venice Tattoo Art Designs

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