Marble - Just look at the way this "fabric" drapes the body of this statue...marble, it's hard to believe it looks as if it would move with the slightest breeze

Chauncey BRADLEY IVES_ " Undine Rising from the Waters " _ - Chauncey Bradley Ives. Marble, Location: Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia.

Jenny Saville Good read: Meagher's article, "Jenny Saville and a Feminist Aesthetics of Disgust" I was drawn to the gestures and fluidity of skin. Could be interesting gestures for my IWP.

Jenny Saville: Flesh

Jenny Saville / Glen Luchford: Closed Contact, Limited Edition (with Type-C Print Version "D")

Jenny Saville, paints/photographs larger women, flip side to anorexia, over eating, binge eating

Jenny Saville (b. <br />Self Portrait <br />oil, oil pastel and paper collage on paper <br x 37 x <br />Executed in 1992 <br />

Jenny Saville is an English painter, member of the Young British Artists. She is best known for his monumental paintings of female nude. He currently lives and works between London and Palermo.

Time - Jenny Saville

Untitled by Jenny Saville on Curiator, the world& biggest collaborative art collection.