Parisian Surrealists Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, Andre Breton, Hans Arp, Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, Rene Crevel, and Man Ray, Paris, 1933, by Anna Riwkin

The Paris surrealists, including Salvador Dali and Man Ray. How many of these guys will make an appearance in The Bones of Paris? Photo by Anna Riwkin-Brick 1933

Raoul Hausmann. The Art Critic 1919-20. Hausmann, a founder member of the Berlin Dada group, developed photomontage as a tool of satire and political protest. The fragment of a German banknote behind the critic’s neck suggests that he is controlled by capitalist forces. The words in the background are part of a poem poster made by Hausmann to be pasted on the walls of Berlin.

Fig Raoul Hausmann The Art Critic Lithograph and photographic collage on paper support: 318 x 254 mm Purchased ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2002

Ethel Stein studied with Josef Albers in the 1940s. Her beautiful weavings often combine a damask structure with ikat dyeing techniques.  Photograph: Tom Grotta

(All photographs copyright Tom Grotta, courtesy of browngrotta arts) Ethel Stein, like Shelia Hicks, studied with Josef Albers in the Her beautiful weavings often combine a damask structure.

Raoul Hausmann

Simple+ : Juxtaposition in 3 layers- buildings, hands, eyes (Addition) Raoul Hausmann

Jean Arp - (Not Far from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars) - 1962

Jean (Hans) Arp "Not Far from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars" Serigraph,

Printing, folding, pressing, cutting, stitching - making books in preparation for the Baltic Artists Book Market December & .

Hans ARP, Tristan TZARA et Hans RICHTER, dans les rues de Zurich en 1917.

Hans Arp, Hans Richter and Tristan Tzara (Tristan Tzara was a Romanian avant-garde poet,Dada founder, essayist and performance artist) en Zurich, 1917