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watercolor painting of still life. I have pinned this pin because it relates to the still life work we are dong in class. It demonstrates different shades and colors making it seem alive

Everyday Objects Tell My Story by janelafazio, via Flickr

Everyday Objects Tell My Story, by Jane LaFazio (spoon)

Totally uninspiring subject matter that it exciting to draw and not as difficult as you might think. Lots of hard edges so you can easily focus on shapes within the reflections. Well worth having a go at this - just put your clippers or scissors under a good light source so you get lots of interesting, sharp reflections

a graphite drawing project of metallic objects, perhaps?

Bizarre Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra Merge People and Animals with Everyday Objects http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/03/redmer-hoekstra/

Netherlands-based artist Redmer Hoekstra draws fascinating composite illustrations that merge animals and everyday objects or machines - from a lizard with computer keyboard scales to this one, an owl with an opened book for wings.

Just got this book! [Vieth] From Ordinary to Extraordinary, great lessons!

student work colored pencil on x drawing paper Art-Jr.

sketch by Andrea Joseph

Sketch by Andrea Joseph. Whichever theme you choose - remember that you can DRAW really well - it takes time, it's hard but it gets you marks and it helps you PROGRESS. Why not commit to ONE DRAWING EVERY DAY for the first week or two?

Jim Dine  Elevate the simple and the ordinary - still life object connect to the contemporary

Jim Dine Untitled (Dry-Wall Hammer) 1973 graphite and charcoal "Drawings of Jim Dine" National Gallery of Art

coffee spoons by Jane La Fazio, "everyday objects"

A spoon to stir in cream. A spoon to measure coffee.

Imaginative illustrations made from everyday objects by Victor Nunes

Everyday Objects Into Imaginative Illustrations

Everyday Objects Into Imaginative Illustrations, victor nunes

I like this collage because of its uniqueness. The brown and sand-coloured tones add individuality, which makes the two bottles and sugar container stand out. The shapes are clear and are simple yet very geometrical.