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MERINO WOOL V-NECK SWEATER at Express I like the Grey-Red combo….

A simple, thin v-neck sweater makes for a nice middle layer. Throw on a sport coat in colder months for an unbeatedly put-together and handsome getup/merino wool/mens fashion/menswear

This man will be my ruin!

"God, can you just imagine letting this beast pick you up, take you to the bedroom, do amazingly fantastic things to you that involve a lot of bed rocking and yells of pleasure? Oh to bed a god…" Loki fangirls are cray. But it's so entertaining.

Hercules, English Mastiff.  282lbs..

World's Biggest Dog -"Hercules". Hercules is an English Mastiff and who has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds.

Who knew that it was possible to make a sequel that is better than its predecessor. Only Robert Downing Jr. could do that!

"His advantage: my injury. My advantage: his rage. Assault: feral, but experienced. Use momentum against him--"

wow #tattoo

Epic arm tattoo: barren tree & forest with birds circling the top - black and grey. Great contrast & love the concept. Very dark & foreboding.

☆ Autumn Sleeve Tattoo :¦: By Artist Dmitriy Samohin ☆

☆ Autumn Sleeve Tattoo :¦: By Artist Dmitriy Samohin ☆I love this tattoo, captured the colors of fall perfectly