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I couldn't help but notice that i would like to have sex with you on a regular basis Bahaha what a pick up line

dont stop love sexy quotes couples

I swear to you, I won't stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name - a sex quote I thought very romantic!

The Potential for Great Sex http://wp.cupidwearbazaar.com/the-potential-for-great-sex/

Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships. So go find someone who Fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated!

Oh how I crave him on so many different levels...more than this, more than I ever imagined I would, more than I thought was humanly possible. It's maddening.

I have a desire for every inch of you. The smell of your breath on my needing lips. The taste of you under the covers, and your voice rummaging through every vein in my body.

Oh, I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you over the thoughts of having rough, passionate sex with you inside my head.

I couldn't hear you over the thoughts of having rough, passionate sex with you inside my head. This did make me chuckle a bit

you got that right! #fun #sexy

Dirty Sexy Quotes, Sayings and Images. The 32 most dirty quotes and sexy quotes of the past in one list with funny, dirty and sexy pictures.

I love you Andrew. I never want you to forget how amazing you are. you will always be my forever. 8 days until you come home to me for good and we can start our forever :* <3 A. K. <3

I love you babe. You are literally my everything! I'm so happy that you came into my life, now do my a favor and please stay? You're the best thing that has happened to me 😘

All twisted & tangled up!! You know who you are baby!! MLW  11/14 can't get here fast enough!!

I wish we were curled up naked in bed together right now! That sounds so heavenly. Dreaming about it in my head and sending you all my love and hugs and kisses and sexy stuff too.

Just because I'm a gentleman doesn't mean that I won't spank you.

Oh fifty shades.Just because I'm a very good girl, doesn't mean I won't enjoy it ;