Facebook Like Cake

This was my piece for the Sugar Sharing Sharing Socialites collaboration.

Hangouts Cake

Flower pot cake - SSS Collab - Cake by Tasneem Latif (That Takes the Cake)

Tumblr Cake

So here it is, my first ever collaboration piece…. A Celebration of Friendship, Cake and Social Media! We are a group of cake decorators ranging from Hobbyists (like me) to Professionals and we are.

We Heart It Cake!

A friendship collaboration that gather cake decorators around the world. This is my cake story: tenth wedding anniversary to celebrate the joy of being happy and having our kids jumping on us on a .

Blogger Cake!

SSS June 2015 Collaboration Blooger Cake - Cake by Quadricakes

Flickr Edible Cake Topper

I’m so proud to finally show you my alien I have made for this awesome collab I have been invited to! the world we live in today is so judge mental.

SSS World Events

Sugar Sharing Socialites Worldwide Events Celebrating Cake Decorating Artists around the Globe!