Gruffalo party - loads of food ideas and activities

On Sunday we had Esther and William's third birthday party. It was a Gruffalo Party with a touch of We're Going on a Bear Hunt added in.

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The possibilities offered by the story of "The Gruffalo" for take home party bags were most entertaining - mouse droppings (chocolate cove.

Doughnut holes made to look like acorns - A Mouse found a nut and the nut was goooood!

acorn doughnut holes Owl woodland party our actual photos Donut holes pretzel sticks chocolate frosting with brown sprinkles and clear sugar sprinkles - dip in chocolate frosting roll in sprinkle mixture and stick with pretzel stick

Gruffalo Party | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Mouse dropping - raisins

Invitations also designed by aforementioned amazingly clever friend. The Gruffalo was used for 'pin the wart on the gruffalo'.

Gruffalo Party Sweets | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - cucumber for tusks?  How about olives for poisonous warts

The chocolate acorns were scattered around the table. Then we have Gruffalo (apple) crumble, poisonous warts, owl ice-cream, terrible tusks (with a delicious cream cheese and caramel dip), and a logpile house

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