'Dark and Stormy' - Dark rum, ginger beer, crystallized ginger + limes.....It was a Dark and Stormy drink, er, night. lol

A great cocktail from Bermuda… The original cocktail is made with Gosling’s Black rum Ingredients 1 part dark rum 2 parts ginger beer ice cubes Preparation Add the ingredients in a highball glass with ice. Garnish with a lime slice and drink away

Hugo Cocktail...(Prosecco, lime juice, mint, and elderflower syrup)

Hugo cocktail - combining Prosecco, limes, mint and elderflower syrup. Hugo is one of the most popular summer cocktails of Germany. (This is a lovely summery drink.

~PASSION FRUIT MOJITO~ Ingredients: 75 ml Havana Club® dark rum, 1 tsp(heaped) Muscovado sugar, 6 lime wedges, 10-12 mint leaves, 50 ml passion-fruit puree, 50 ml soda, 2/3 of a glass crushed ice. Crush well the limes, sugar, soda, 8 to 10 mint leaves and a tsp of crushed ice. Then add rest of ice with passion fruit and rum. Mix vigerously for one minute. Garnish with rest of mint and a straw.

Skinny Passion Fruit Mojito - Rum cocktails: The best rum cocktails - It seems that every day there’s a new spin on the traditional rum and mint mojito recipe. This time the folks at Dirty Martini in London have developed a version which is low in calori

Perfect Martini  Four 25 ml measures of good gin One 25 ml measure of dry vermouth (Noilly Pratt) 1 inch strip of peel from an un-waxed lemon or skewered olives

The Martini from Enchanted - - - - - - 26 Iconic Foods From Disney Movies You Can Actually Make

Muddled cucumber, lemon, and a pinch of chili salt are a refreshing match for Oaxacan mezcal.

Friday Cocktails: The Oaxaca Cooler

Muddled cucumber, lemon, and a pinch of chili salt are a refreshing match for Oaxacan mezcal. (This drink works best with a non-traditional, unsmoked agave mezcal.

Best Rum Old Fashioned Recipe - How to Drink Rum - Esquire

How to (Really) Drink Rum

Old Fashioned : 2 ounces of bourbon Sugar to taste Bitters to taste Ice cube Strip of orange or lemon peel

Grey goose le fizz

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