Golden Wonder - Ex Bendict Flavour Crisps

Golden Wonder - Ex Bendict Flavour Crisps

Paddy Power - Free Horse Burgers

Paddy Power took to the streets of Dublin to give away free ‘Shergar’ burgers during lunch, playing on the joke ‘Tesco burgers, low in salt, high in Shergar’

specsavers - ball boy - should have gone to specsavers

CAMPAIGN: Specsavers runs tongue-in-cheek ad on Hazard ballboy incident.

Stella - its a chalice not a glass

The war between BMW vs Audi seems to be over, now its Newcastle Brown ambushing a Stella Artois advert.I love the fun they have when they create these kind of advert wars. Wonder if Stella Artois will come back with something or just leave it as is.

Sainsbury’s rebrands Tiger Bread

Sainsbury's rename tiger bread giraffe bread after receiving a letter from a child asking why they named it so.

Paddy Power - Olympics Sponsors

Tone of voice: informative, friendly

Greggs - protests the ‘pasty tax

Greggs - protests the ‘pasty tax

Tide - we can't get your blackout but we can get your stains out

Tipping Point: How Did The Super Bowl Power Outage Light Up Marketers' Real-Time Social Engagement?