London Bridge, c. 1930. Sold to Robert Mc Culloch in 1968 and re-assembled in Arizona in 1971.

'London Bridge was sold for to American oil tycoon Robert McCullough on this day April He decided to knock it down brick by brick and have it re-built at Lake Havasu in the United States'

London Routemaster bus having it's destinations roll changed in the depot.

First thing when I arrive. Great orientation to the city. London Routemaster bus having its destinations roll changed in the depot.

Milk Float

Milk Float, Electric & driven by batteries, very "Green" for the time.i used to get up in the morning as a milk boy note was alot to a kid then .

Bert Hardy. Elephant and Castle. London 1940's

Imagine the elephant and castle at Elephant and Castle really was giant. photograph by Bert Hardy