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but it can only work if people are NOT lazy & motivated enough to get up off their azzz to EARN it ................

Understanding the differences between capitalism, socialism & communism (construct is mine Blisters, clip art is other's) This example is proof of communism because it shows the different qualities and stuff they use for their own government

Myers-Briggs Personality Test - i took this test and I am an INFJ.

What's my Personality Type? Take our free online personality test to learn your MBTI letters & introduce Myers Briggs Personality Types & MBTI concepts of personality type and cognitive style.

10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Brain

10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Brain: Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity - VisME is the Swiss Knife for creating Awesome Visual Content and effective story telling.

Find Out Which Highly Successful People Share Your Personality Type Read more:

This is the first time I've taken the full Myers-Briggs test, it's kind of interesting what I "am." Chances are, your personality is similar to one of the sixteen types defined by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers.