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Leather work 94 set 5 by ~HamraBDG on deviantART

Leather work 94 set 5 by ~HamraBDG on deviantART. This overly-wide baldric actually acts as a part of the armor, while the dagger sheath and frog are positioned for quickly drawing the blade. Ive seen SCA fighters with the same set up for a dagger.

Groterian Greaves by A-Teivos

A set of greaves I made for to enhance her leather armour. The ornaments show the personal coat-of-arms of her DSA character Thisdan Groterian, a sword,.

Love this beautiful shoulder piece!

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Zar'roc. Yet another weapon that I need in my sword collection.

The bloody sword shown above is represented by the last scene of the play where Hamlet is killed by Claudius. The blood is symbolized by the blood Hamlet shed and the sword is symbolized on how he was killed.