My Brother's Secret - Dan Smith - YouTube

Dan Smith reads an Excerpt from My Brother's Secret

My Brother's Secret (teaser 1) - YouTube

My Brother's Secret (teaser

Dan Smith - Reading from My Friend The Enemy - YouTube

Dan Smith reads from his novel My Friend The Enemy (Chicken House Publishing)

Dan Smith - Summer Reading Challenge - Good Luck! - YouTube

A message to all those taking part in the Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge 2013

The Child Thief - Its Coming.mp4 - YouTube

The Child Thief - Its Coming.mp4 - YouTube

My Friend The Enemy -The Plane - YouTube

Our Journey in to learning to love our natural curly, frizzy, wild, hair!

My Friend The Enemy - The Pistol - YouTube

The manuscript for My Friend The Enemy has been having some more fun!

Show Me Paradise - stop motion video

For your Entertainment

The Child Thief stop motion with paper cut-out.mp4 - YouTube

Messing about with stop motion on the page proofs of THE CHILD THIEF manuscript. It's a bit crude, but it was fun to make .

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