Hong Kong Stewy

Hong Kong Stewy

Husband and father. Karate instructor and hard worker. lover and a fighter. Always striving to be a better me. Really enjoying this thing called life!!
Hong Kong Stewy
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Black And Red Koi Fish Enso Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo

The pair of Koi represent duality in the form of Yin-Yan, and the broken circle represents empty and full eternity.


Chinese fish paintings, great style of painting with great use of colour, creative use of canvas to placement fish, layout and positive and negative spave

Two Koi Swimming Towards Happiness Asian Art di TigerHouseArt

Two Koi Swimming Towards Happiness. Koi are a beautiful and frequently used motif in Asian art. Because it struggles against the current of the river it has become the emblem of strength in.

TBH holy water tastes like water (hahaha), but I know Helen tastes so much sweeter ;

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