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Danusia Maltby

Danusia Maltby
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Here's an idea for dealing with sloped ceilings.

Create a hanging closet in that little hidey hole you have with the sloped ceiling by attaching some boards and a wooden dowel to the studs in the ceiling. Clever way to utilize the awkward space without any extra clutter

Jim-not sure about this - but what about in the high area of the living room? But you wouldn't be able to see the pics...

Decorating a sloped ceiling can be a challenge, but these 13 ideas will get you thinking about the many ways to accentuate and celebrate a slanted wall!

Design Detail: A thin black border around the bay windows elegantly marks a distinct "nook" area that's separate from the rest of the room. Amazing what a coat of white paint and a sleek window treatment (blinds) will do to create a pared down vibe.

After the makeover: Window seat at Gwyneth Paltrow's guest apartment in Los Angeles