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Darcie Olley

England / Fashion & Textiles student. 👀 Instagram: darcieoliviadesign
Darcie Olley
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Cat audition for Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the role of Salem

Hollywood audition for black cat, 1961 Love It! I'd totally take my cats to an audition.if I could just get them on a leash.

Become a Witch vintage advertisement

Cats in Art, Photography and Illustration: "The Academy of Mystic Arts invites you to become a WITCH!

An adorable vintage Regal flan dessert ad with poodle

I Love Flan! : The brushwork to create the texture of the poodle's coat is delightful! Vintage poster design for Regal Dessert from Donald Brun

Modern #Poodle #Grooming #Chart

A very pretty modern poodle grooming chart . It's actually more of an artistic poodle print illustration by artist Amelie Fontaine.

Old TV Shows | Bewitched. Started 1964 and ended 1972. One of my very favourite tv shows growing up as a kid as it was still regularly aired throughout the late 70s and 80s.

Here’s Bewitched comic version covers, for all Bewitched fans! There’s total 12 issues of Bewitched comic, and 2 reprints of issue 1 and.

Etsy Holiday Campaign 2013 by Melissa Deckert and Nicole Lecht

Etsy Holiday Campaign 2013 by Melissa Deckert and Nicole Lecht - I love the lines created by the sprigs of berries.

kiss me!

kiss me Ry ((it's my dream. on my bucket list if ye wanna call it that. but to me a dream I am dying to have be a reality super bad)). Dreams can happen but I am oh so waiting for mine :) xoxoxxxxxxx (well and to massage you ;