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hatsune miku (7th dragon, 7th dragon 2020, and vocaloid) drawn by io (sinking=carousel) - Danbooru

hatsune miku dragon, dragon and vocaloid) drawn by io (sinking=carousel) - Danbooru

Summer Miku, Mizu Miku,Spring Miku, Sakura Miku, Winter Miku, and Yuki Miku (My favorite is Sakura Miku. ;) How about yours?)

Summer Miku/Mizu Miku,Spring Miku/Sakura Miku, Winter Miku/Yuki Miku (My favorite is Summer Miku.

She ate so much grass, her hair is green. Let this be a lesson, and dont eat grass.

Hatsune Miku ( Vocaloid ) Beautiful black dress in this picture. The light in this picture is perfect.

ha ha true most of the time.

Anime/manga: K-on Characters: Yui and Mugi, yep. Found about about 7 friends in my school who like anime and manga. We all attend anime club where we meet our other otaku friend.

Is Vocaloid an Anime? Are there anime or manga series based on Vocaloid. Find out by visiting the article/lens.

Secret Police Photo: This Photo was uploaded by SOMEGIRLSOME. Find other Secret Police pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free imag.