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Waterproof your clothes!

While I was making my glow tie I realized that the solution I made to apply the glow power to the fabric was incredibly hydrophobic, which makes sense as it's.

Adding fractions can be frustrating, but it’s a necessary evil in woodworking (At least until we change to the metric system). Here’s a really fast and easy way to add fractional measurements, without even doing any math. All it takes are a couple of rulers. Use them the right way, and you can direct read the answer. Easy peezy.

Adding fractions can be frustrating, but it’s necessary in woodworking. Try this quick trick to add fractional measurements, without doing any math.

Welsh myths and legends that will send a shiver down your spine (or bring a tear to your eye) - Wales Online

From a deal with the devil to the lady of the lake and an ancient oak, these are some of the myths and legends ingrained in Welsh heritage

Skeleton Man, fun way to learn

SKELETAL ANATOMY by Amy Kwan An informational poster displaying the hierarchy and organizational relationships with typography. In this case, type serves as both image and information on the skeletal anatomy.makes me think of xray school

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