“City of Shadows” was taken during the winter of the collapse of the Soviet Union by Alexey Titarenko

Ghostly Images of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Petersburg, Russia from City of Shadows series by Alexey Titarenko on artnet. Browse more artworks Alexey Titarenko from Nailya Alexander Gallery.

Ring of Fire


This combination picture shows the annular solar eclipse as viewed from Tokyo early May Real ring of fire!

Amazing timelapse

City of Shadows: Photographer Alexey Titarenko specializes in spooky, black and white photography in cities around the world.


Dark side of the moon:A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is trapped between the sun and the moon.the shadow of the Earth blocks the light from the sun, which is then reflected off the moon,.the next lunar eclipse is set for April

Salton Sea Revisited

Xárene Eskandar’s series Waters Re~ compresses hours into minutes. Video: (Real-time time-lapse) Shot between 6 and on 6 March