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History of the Ford Escort: Launched in 1968 to replace the long-running Anglia, the Ford Escort went on to become the best selling car in the world!

a perfect Ford Escort

Mk1 escort mexico rally car

Mk1 Escort

Pictures of decently Modified cars [Vol. - Page 98 - General Gassing - PistonHeads

1992 Ford Escort.

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth had a turbocharged engine that was designed by Cosworth. The Escort was one of the most loved cars used in the sport of Rally Cross. The car came stock with 225 hp but tuning companies have gotten the engine to produce over hp.

Ford Escort RS1600

Ford Escort – most thrilling ride ever was in an RS, and the BDA sounded sensational. Memories of Mikkola and Makinen and Roger Clark.

Ford Escort Mk1

Definitive cars: 50 definitive drives: F - L

Ford Escort Mk I - Mine was a lot more battered than this in green if I remember correctly.

Ford Escort Mexico

The complete opposite of most modern cars - no technology and loads of character.

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