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Poster by: AShkan Ghazanchaei

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Behind This Wall at Plastic People – Posters on Behance

Behind This Wall: Punk Rock Posters - The WallBreakers

Dafi Kuhne - 350 letterpress printed new years posters for some architects. Its all about new forms of spaces and the spots where they gonna build something in

Win Win By Liam Jeal    #graphics #printw1 #typography #retail #design #offices #type #bureaux

What if typography was a sport? Paper brand Conqueror's Typographic Games competition challenged designers to create typographic posters featuring the phrase "It's not what you win, but how you conqueror it".

Möbius Strip // Impossible Figures by Éric Le Tutour

A series of 5 posters featuring some of the most famous “impossible figures”, these optical illusions discovered by Oscar Reutersvärd (Penrose triangle) and Lionel & Roger Penrose (Penrose stairs).