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a close up of a tire on a bike
Seems I need new tyres for my mountain bike. Pretty disappointed considering they are only 20+ years old :( lol
a purple flower with a bee on it
This might just Bee my fav from yesterday's photowalk :)
a field full of red flowers and green grass
A wee stroll with camera this morning started with it peeing it down on me, then a muddy walk to shoot a stand of Poppies made it all worth it :)
the table is set with wine, food and paper napkins
31st Wedding Anniversary celebrated with at-home Champagne Afternoon Tea :)
a sign that is on the side of a brick wall in front of some grass
Is this how far it is to Liverpool ??? Or just a comment of how far ahead in the footie league they are ??? :D
there are several stickers on the back of this box that says stop glorifying rats
A 24mm lens that you can shoot at f1.4 is going to be fun at Weddings, when we can shoot them again that is !!! Question though, who is glorifying rats ??? Or does it have a different meaning ???
a brick wall with the word hello painted on it in blue and white letters, against a pink background
Leeds is such a welcoming city :)
black and white photograph of boats docked in the water next to tall buildings with balconies
Lovely day out in Leeds getting to know a new lens and tinkering with an IR72 infra-red filter too. Big surprise here is all the fish that didn't move in a 30 sec exposure!
a wedding card with pictures of the bride and groom
Another lovely card in this week, can't wait to shoot more Weddings so I get more of them lol :)
two concrete structures sitting on top of a sandy beach
A few day-out photos of an old WWII battery not far from Spurn Point. Defo worth another trip with a real camera instead of this crappy phone lol
a sign that says wedding on it next to flowers and a vase with water in it
Test 6
a wooden sign that says parking hanging on a bushy wall covered in green leaves
Test 5
a sign that says please take some confetti next to a wicker basket
Test 4
a sign hanging from the side of a wooden door that says, one prosecco two proseco three proseco floor
Test 3
three little yellow rubber ducks sitting on top of a water fountain with an umbrella in the background
Test 2