St. Joan of Arc- Another of our Patrons. She teaches us to emulate her obedience to God first, her devotion to the Holy Eucharistic, and to sacrifice for God and country regardless of cost.

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Robert Ryman - Untitled  I am interested in Rymans monochromes and the textural quality of his painting and I also like the 'unfinished' quality of his canvas.

Robert Ryman (b. Untitled signed and dated 'RYMAN (on the turning edge) oil on stretched sized linen canvas x in. x 26 cm.

Eduardo Paolozzi - pop collage artist

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Dr Pepper 1948 Medium Printed papers on paper Dimensions Image: 358 x 238 mm

Alberto Giacometti, Four Figurines on a Base, 1950/ 1965, cast 1965/ 1966

Alberto Giacometti - Artist XXè - Sculpture - Four Figurines on a Base, cast 1966

Mira Schendel. Untitled from the series Letras e Linhas XVIII (Letters and Lines XVIII). (c. 1964-65)

Untitled from the series Letras e Linhas XVIII (Letters and Lines…

Credit: Mira Schendel Estate Still Waves of Probability, 1969 at Tate Modern

Mira Schendel at Tate Modern – in pictures

A refugee from fascist Italy, Mira Schendel became one of Brazil's greatest artists. A huge survey of her work at Tate Britain shows why

by Mira Schendel

Spiral Essay: This untitled work from the series Objetos gráficos (Graphic Objects) arranges letters, but not according to their meaning as parts of words.

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, "Cyclops", 1957, bronze. "The skin of this lumbering bronze figure is imprinted with broken machine-parts and other industrial debris. Paolozzi made it by pressing pieces of metal into a bed of moist clay, and then pouring molten wax into the clay mould. He constructed the model from these sheets of wax forms and finally cast it in bronze."

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi ‘Cyclops’, 1957 © The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation