Beautiful contrasting Autumnal coloured trousers

"I'm wearing orange pants. I'm devishly handsome and therefore every color under the visible spectrum looks fantastic on me!" said the beautiful man in the orange pants.

♔ Tweed suit #fashion&#style

♔ A beautiful Tweed suit with white tie, handkerchief, and dark tie. I would have personally used a different color tie and shirt to bring out the blend of tweed in the suit.

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The fall suit you NEED to have! Brown herringbone tweed suit, white shirt with light blue checks, brown tie with white pin dots

1920s tweed style

Vintage Golf – formal jackets, tail coats, cravats, breeches, and long stockings were commonplace


Check button down, textured tie, v-neck sweater, plaid scarf, and herringbone blazer. So many layers and textures. A chic style idea for men.

tweed suit and plaid tie

tweed suit and plaid tie. like, why can't guys dress like this on a regular basis?