Casa harry Thaler (Foto: Filippo Bamberghi)-love the window seat!

Lar minimalista se camufla na natureza

window seat in our bedroom Casa harry Thaler (Foto: Filippo Bamberghi)-love the window seat!

Ekimetrics office renovation by Estelle Vincent

Wooden meeting rooms by Estelle Vincent include a slide

Image 19 of 25 from gallery of Amenagement Des Bureaux Ekimetrics / Estelle Vincent Architecture. Photograph by Arnaud Schelstraete


Angular Home Addition With Plywood-Lined Interior

Love being able to use space that is usually wasted for storage and organization!

Image 8 of 12 from gallery of NIC / n-lab architects. Courtesy of n-lab architects

This window is an innie. Innie windows need careful flashing details to prevent water entry at the jambs and sill.

‘Innie’ Windows or ‘Outie’ Windows? When walls have exterior foam, where do the windows go? Posted on May 6 2009 by Martin Holladay, GBA Advisor. (free content but registration required)