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Using Art Ledges Instead Of Putting Up A Gallery Wall

Why can't our offices look like this beautiful space designed by for her husband. We love how Emily used our Wyatt Ledges above the desk! 😍 Now back to staring at laptop in our cubicle .

My name is Sharon Santoni and this is the place where I get to give you a taste of authentic French living.

Alt text: View of gallery wall of frames in mix of sizes with wooden bench and yellow cushion.

mix in your own creations with inherited or collected work to create your gallery. It’s a lovely way to feel connected to a tradition’, says Anna Ohlin, range communicator for IKEA, as she shows us how to map out the perfect (for you) photo gallery wall.

a casual look Men's fashion. So casual gravity doesn't even affect him

When I say go lighter, not necessarily brighter, this is what I mean. These salmon color shorts aren’t overly flashy, but add a pop of color to your summer outfit. They’re a little tight, but other than that these are some awesome summer/spring.