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David Smith
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"I'm fed up of telling them, 'No Pickles' and 'No Ketchup' so I'll shove my smelly foot in their face and see if they get the message next time...

More of he worst and ugliest! Horrible inkings to stupid ideas. If you ever get a portrait tattoo, please pay to hire a talented tattoo artist!

Nobody move... I'm taking over the plane... I have a bomb tattooed on my body!

From bomb tattoos to a suicidal note, these are definitely going to make you be pulled out of line by airport security. Check out ten of the worst tattoos to have on an airport.

Dell's latest effort to compete with the Apple iPod might not be as portable as they would have liked...

Funny pictures about He could really use an iPod. Oh, and cool pics about He could really use an iPod. Also, He could really use an iPod photos.

Kimberley Vlaminck, an 18 year old Belgian girl claims she only asked for 3 tiny stars on her face but fell asleep whilst being tattooed and awoke to find her face tattooed with 56 stars.  She's suing tattoo Belgian tatoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz for the tattoos.

The Belgian girl who went sobbing to the media about the mean, nasty tattoo artist who tattooed 56 stars onto her face while she slept has retracted her story completely.

Rouslan Toumaniantz, a Belgian tattooist is being sued for tattooing 18 year old Kimberley Vlaminck's face with 56 tiny stars, claiming she only asked for 3...    Now lets face it, if you go into a tattoo parlour and the guy looks like this. Alarm bells should be ringing surely...?

Tattoos are an artistic way to express your inner blah blah - these wingnuts tattooed their faces. Also, we didn't include that guy with the skull tattoo.

Oregonian Lance McKenzie, 49, served a 60-day sentence for assault. It is unclear whether "Lick Me" on his forehead is a real tattoo or written with marker pen. For his sake, let's hope it's the latter.

Oregonian Lance McKenzie, served a sentence for assault. It is unclear whether "Lick Me" on his forehead is a real tattoo or written with marker pen. For his sake, let's hope it's the latter.

Iowa's David Jonathan Winkelman, 48, was arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court. He went to a tattoo parlour after a KORB radio station disc jockey offered listeners a six-figure payout if they tattooed the FM station’s call letters and logo on his forehead - "93 Rock” and “Quad City Rocker." Ouch!

David Jonathan Winkelman of Iowa, USA. In Winkleman was tuned into KORB radio with his stepbrother Richard Goddard when he heard the DJ says that anyone prepared to tattoo the stations name on their forehead would get a six-figure cash sum.

"Jenius" Jerome Smith, 27, evidently didn't have time to spellcheck before seeing the tattooist. Along with his questionable “Jenius” ink, Smith has “Omerta” tattooed on his throat. The Italian word’s common definition refers to the Mafia’s code of silence.

When someone has a face tattoo it's the signal that a ratchet fool is approaching. Take a look at some of the most insane face tattoos of all time.